Bryan Hess

Creator of 123 United Me.We. A free quick n easy, short n sweet program about the foundation of personal development with a complete no brainer plan to follow to build the foundation towards your personal development.


Bryan Hess is a speaker and serial entrepreneur. His organizational leadership and companies have generated over 50 million in sales in the renewable energy industry and counting. Bryan has studied sales attitude and personal development over the past decade. His knowledge of the vast significance of a positive mentality combined with leveraging indisputable value in services rendered is clearly apparent in his courses. His high level of understanding of sales, mindset and business has secured him in trusted advisory roles for mid sized organizations and masterminds.

In an effort to abundantly give back to his community Bryan has formulated a step by step user friendly roadmap to guide just about anybody towards happiness, creating purpose and fulfilling desired goals and dreams that historically have been proven successful for him and countless others, time and time again. 

In early 2020 in collaboration with Border Collie Productions Bryan created 123 United Me.We. A multifaceted personal development course that’s designed to give the power back to the people by enhancing mindset, health, service and energy with a step by step action plan for attainment.

Border Collie Productions presents:

We’ve been subjected to very poor programming that has been out of our control. Our brains and our freedoms have been hijacked by the agenda of the corrupt elite causing us to lose sight of who we were intended to be as sovereign individuals meant to live abundantly on this planet united as one. We’ve been severely lied to, divided and cheated but now we have the knowledge and know how of how to take back control of our destinies and live as we were intended to on this very abundant planet once we unite, but first you must know who you are and how you’ve been wired to rewire your brain to start working for you so we can all work together to unite this planet as one. World peace, true freedom & happiness. WWG1WGA

123 United Me.We – The Foundation of Personal Development

Roadmap and Neuro Rewiring Log training – COMING SOON

123 United Me.We – Laser Focused Foundation – About distractions, procrastination, resilience, and persistence – COMING SOON

123 Energize Me.We – Mind, Body & Home – COMING SOON

Let’s Unite the World Together.


Bryan’s Background

Bryan Hess and solar panel

When I was 21 years old back around 2010 I had an epiphany that I didn’t want to just work to keep a roof over my head and my belly fed and that there had to be more to life than just a career making someone else’s dream a reality. I had become naturally skeptical of how we were living our lives on Earth and took a deep dive jumping head first down a rabbit hole of secrecy that’s been hidden from the public. I discovered so much corruption and so many lies. I learned that we can only control what we can control and what I could control is what feeds these corrupt their power. By taking their power of financial gain by selling you energy, among many other things but living in the Valley of the Sun I decided getting into the solar industry was my best way to get back at these corrupt elite. I went through the yellow pages and called every solar company in the valley until I landed a sales job in the industry. I excelled very quickly by being very passionate about what I was selling. I ended up moving up in the industry running my own sales teams, then running the entire sales floor. Soon going onto starting my own sales and marketing companies in the industry.

What I’m most proud of after 10 years of hard work and dedication to personal development.

– Creator of 123 United Me.We, challenging the perspective of the majority, shifting towards a state of true freedom, world peace, cerebral independence, energy sovereignty and life as it should be as a United Me.We .

– Owner of VOTS Energy since 2014, specializing in photovoltaics.

– Owner of Worldwide Renewables, green energy efficiency upgrades. A marketing company and the marketing leg for VOTS Energy.

– Owner of the 21st Century Executive, Merging our new economy with market trends, automation and the greenest ways to consume while enhancing gross domestic product.

In the past decade I’ve removed the same amount of C02 from the atmosphere as if I just eliminated 3,000 vehicles from the road.

Pro tip of the day: Do not lift solar panels into the wind.



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